Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Optimise Your Water Quality & Prevent Diseases

Oxidative stress is the root cause of most health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's & Parkinson's.

This is caused by the build-up of harmful free radicals in the body's cells, that damage your cells & DNA. While your body does produce anti-oxidants to fight these free radicals, it needs additional support.

By simply infusing your water with Hydrogen molecules through our patented electrolysis process, every sip of your water becomes loaded with powerful anti-oxidants that will penetrate the cells & cleanse oxidative stress.

Strengthen Your Immune System & Feel Better

Supported by scientific research, hydrogen water boasts extensive anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties, known to prevent more than 150 immune conditions.

Drinking just 1.5L (3 bottles) of hydrogen water has the same anti-oxidant content as eating hundreds of fruits & vegetables.

See for yourself...

The Science Behind It

Explore the science behind our Hydrogen Water Bottle that turns normal water into hydrogen water in just 3 minutes! Boost your metabolism, improve your skin, feel more energised and look after your overall body health! The refreshing taste of pure hydrogen water impressively beats the normal taste of tap water!

Find the scientific studies below:

Study 1 : Effects of 7-day intake of hydrogen-rich water on physical performance of trained and untrained subjects - PMC (nih.gov)

Study 2 : Hydrogen-enriched water eliminates fine particles from the lungs and blood by enhancing phagocytic activity - PMC (nih.gov)

Study 3 : Going Beyond the Hype of Hydrogen Water | Natural Medicine Journal

Study 4 : Hydrogen-rich water reduces inflammatory responses and prevents apoptosis of peripheral blood cells in healthy adults: a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial | Scientific Reports (nature.com)

Study 5 : Hydrogen Water for Health - Puriflow Filters UK

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